It’s time to face the facts about Meals on Wheels.

Did you know Meals on Wheels is NOT an entitlement program?

Fact:  We are not an entitlement program.  Our funding comes from grants and donations from our friends and neighbors in Ocean County.  If our funding runs out, Meals on Wheels goes away. It’s that simple. Which is why we’re asking for your donation today.

Did you know Meals on Wheels serves people who really need their help?

Fact:  Every recipient of Meals on Wheels is thoroughly assessed as to need. Though we don’t means test, we rigorously screen every applicant to ensure our limited resources go to those who need it most.  Meals on Wheels keeps housebound seniors living at home. If they weren’t home, they’d most possibly be in state-run nursing facilities, at a far more considerable expense to taxpayers. By keeping seniors at home, Meals on Wheels saves New Jersey taxpayers millions of dollars every year.

Did you know that with advances in medicine & technology means Meals on Wheels is as necessary as ever?

Fact:  Seniors living longer though many are outliving their savings. In fact, what the U.S. Census Bureau refers to as “the oldest old”—seniors 85 and over—is the fastest-growing population in the country. This is especially true right here Ocean County.  We are home to two of the towns with the largest percentage of 85+ senior citizens in the entire United States–Berkeley and Manchester.

Did you know Meals on Wheels meals are NOT cheap to prepare?

Fact:  It costs more than $14 per meal to prepare and deliver each meal. That includes food costs, delivery expenses, gas, etc.  All we ask is for recipients to consider a small donation of $2 per meal to help defray the costs. In order to continue providing these meals, we need your help. Please Pick Up The Tab for a Senior in need today.


Did you know all Meals on Wheels of Ocean County delivers Meals and More?

Fact:  In addition to serving meals, our drivers serve as a daily wellness and safety check. Imagine…you live far from your loved ones and there’s no one that can check in daily to make sure they’re ok, or even say hi.  That’s a big part of our job. Our Meals on Wheels drivers get to know our clients, becoming a regular, friendly face, as well as a set of eyes and ears providing reassurance that they’re OK.  We also offer Outreach and Nutrition Education Services!